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Established in 1996, Mello-D & the Rados is a four-piece live instrument hip-hop band based in the Washington, D.C. area. Their raw organic sound is most often compared to that of A Tribe Called Quest or The Roots. Mello-D & the Rados have released four albums and have recorded or performed live with KRS-ONE , Jill Scott, Les Nubians, Chuck Brown, The Roots and others. They are best known for the 2005 single "Cool Witchu" which topped national college radio charts and whose music video was seen in regular rotation on B.E.T and MTV2. The band has toured Brazil, England and the U.S. putting on stellar live shows and selling thousands of CDs along the way.

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Antitainment Vol. 2: Truth, Lies, Etc. Now


Mello-D & the Rados has released their fourth album entitled, Antitainment Vol. 2: Truth, Lies, Etc. Frontman Darnley "Mello-D" Hodge once again defies the conventions of main stream hip-hop both lyrically and musically. "This is the rawest most true to life album in Hip-Hop this year... and we gonna piss off a lot of people with this one too." he says with a sinister grin.

From a lyrical standpoint Mello very candidly exposes himself on several songs. He takes the listener from laughter, to outrage and from apathy to concern. The CD starts off with a mid-ninties insprired intro by Jonniblack (aka Jonninfinit). Then in something of a musical tidalwave, the legendary KRS-ONE sets off Still Cool Witchu along with Mello-D on this banging follow-up track to Antitainment's hit song of a similar title.

Mello-D pulls no punches in criticizing bias in politics and media in the gritty, highly charged title track Truth Lies Etc and literally blows you away at the end of the song with a soulful tenor sax solo just before fading into Welcome to D.C., a roots rock reggae groove featuring a guest appearance from Akshan.

On I'm Saying Sorry, Sol Zahran croons a spine tingling chorus while Mello-D runs down the true though not so pretty details of two of his past relationships. After that, Mello-D takes you into the mind of a cyber sex feind on Potential Girl featuring V. Rich (Amel Larrieaux, Musiq). There are songs like Waiting on Nine where Mello-D humorously explains the importance of free cell phone minutes. And on the clever spoof Pimpin Hoes, Movin Weight and Pushing Packages Mello-D takes all the modern rap cliches and turns them upside down into something hilarious.

Mello-D says, "Antitainment Vol. 2 is a continuation of the previous album except we've taken it up a notch. Our mission has always been to make great music with a purpose. The purpose is to get the listener to see the world, the media and themselves in a different way while at the same time strectching the boundaries musically and creatively. We want you to take the lock off your brain and open your eyes. This is a movement. This is not entertainment. This is Antitainment."

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"They visit Washington.  We live in D.C."